About 420 Seeds

We are a smart team of 4 of hippies who all went to University to study Biology. We loved to smoke pot during class, and we have been hanging out for over 40 years, 2 happily married couples.

Breeding Cannabis Seeds Since High School in the 1970’s

We started our seed bank in high school back in 1978. Back then we were not as professional as today, but we took seeds from bag schwag and grew them up the best we could. Never knowing what we were going to get, it was fun to breed them in my parents greenhouse.

Our Parents Were Hippies Growing Our Own Food & Weed

My parents were hippies too! So from a young age we got to play around with genetics with the guidance of my parents who were excellent horticulturalists. Then after 10 years of University and sophisticated lab work, we became professionals and adults. We started breeding some of the best cannabis strains on the planet and started learning even more from bcseeds.

We Grew Up With 420

We started smoking pot together in the old days at 4:20 PM after our classes in high school. That’s why decades ago we named our seed bank 420seeds.com. Makes perfect sense to us, even when we’re really stoned. Since we still work as a team, we keep up with this 4:20 tradition. We start our work day a bit earlier and finish everyday at exactly 4:20 p.m. and share a spliff. The good old days are still alive and kicking today.

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