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420 Seeds Premium Cannabis Genetics

420 Seeds premium cannabis genetics from a group of old school hippies that have been super educated and friends in high school since the 1970’s. We’ll connect you to high grade cannabis genetics. You’ll find a large selection of regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds. 420 Seeds is your hook up for quality and advanced genetics. Super stealth shipping worldwide. We especially love serving our customers from USA and Australia who demand safety and super stealth shipping that is guaranteed.

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420 Meaning For Students

420, know as 4:20 pm, is the time to meet after high school to a designated toking area to get high. It originated in the 60’s and still continues today. The worlds global get high day is at 4:20 pm, on 4th month of the year (April) and the 20th day. It’s such a huge event in cities all over the world. Don’t forget to be active and support your city on 4/20. Get high and make some new friends. I met my wife on 4/20 in San Francisco back in 1979. Only good things can occur on such a wonderful day!

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